WELCOME to King of Kings! While it may be accurately stated that we are a “Sinner Friendly People,” our services (except for certain designated Sundays throughout the year) are intended to be “Believer Friendly” designed to encourage,  instruct, teach, mature and disciple believers. This does not mean that non-believers are not welcome. It simply means that the services are not directed to unbelievers but to believers. Unbelievers will still profit by getting a glimpse of authentic worship, the purity of lifestyle, and the happiness of Christian family life. This we hope will birth a desire in them to know the Savior.
Welcome From The Pastor:
We are very happy to have you with us today here at King of Kings. We trust that this Bible Based, Family Friendly environment will encourage and enable you to draw closer to the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for visiting us and I look forward to greeting you in person.


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