King of Kings Church Membership

                   1. Church Membership: A Prerequisite for Both

                   2. Church Membership: Requirements

a. Affirmation of Christ’s Lordship in one’s life

b. Agreement with Ten Convictions

c. Agreement with Church Goals

d. Agreement with Statement of Faith

e. Completion of Basic Seminar In Basic Life Principles

f.. Consistent participation in Church activities

g. Consistent in tithes and offerings

h. Letter of transfer or recommendation of three persons

i. Signed application

j. Ratification by the Elders


 King of Kings Ten Convictions

       To protect families from the destructive influences of wrong desires, false philosophies, and Satanic temptations:

1. The Bible is the Inspired Word of God and the final authority for my life.

2. My purpose in life is to seek God with my whole heart and to build my goals around His priorities.

3. My body is the living temple of God and must not be defiled by the lusts of the world.

4. My church must teach the foundational truths of the Bible and reinforce my basic convictions.

5. My children and grandchildren belong to God, and it is my responsibility to teach them Scriptural principles, Godly character, and basic convictions.

6. My activities must never weaken the Scriptural convictions of another Christian.

7. My marriage is a lifelong commitment to God and to my marriage partner.

8. My money is a trust from God and must be earned and managed according to Scriptural principles.

9. My words must be in harmony with God’s Word, especially when reproving and restoring a Christian brother.

10. My affections must be set on things above, not on things in the earth